Ease of Use

No more wrestling with Google Takeout. ScheduleMyBackup offers an intuitive interface that anyone can use.

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Automated Backups

Set your backup schedule once and let ScheduleMyBackup handle the rest. Regularly backup your Gmail, Google Photos, and other Google data without lifting a finger.

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Local Storage

Securely backup your Google data to a local hard drive. Protect your data from cloud failures and maintain full control.

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Complete Download

Avoid the hassle of downloading multiple parts from Google Takeout. ScheduleMyBackup allows you to download all your data at once.

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Who's ScheduleMyBackup For?

Use Cases

How are people using ScheduleMyBackup?

Personal Use
Comprehensive Data Security

Jane, an avid photographer, uses her Gmail account and Google Photos to manage and store thousands of high-resolution images.

However, she worries about losing her precious memories due to an account breach or accidental deletion.

With ScheduleMyBackup, she can set a regular backup schedule for her Gmail and Google Photos, ensuring her photos are safely stored on her external hard drive. Jane keeps her digital memories in a safe place, away from potential online risks.

ScheduleMyBackup helps her "set it and forget it," providing her peace of mind that her precious memories are safe and secure.

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Small Business
Google Workspace Data Backup

TechStart, a small tech company, relies on Google Workspace for everything from emails and documents to spreadsheets and presentations.

The data generated is invaluable to their operations, but manual backups are time-consuming and prone to human error.

With ScheduleMyBackup, TechStart can automatically backup their entire team's data.

The regular, automatic backups their team can store offsite ensures that all their work is safely stored without any extra effort from their team, allowing them to focus on their core operations while ensuring their critical business data is secure.

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IT Professionals
Efficient Cold Storage Management

Mike, an IT professional at a small law firm, is responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of the firm's vast amounts of data.

Given the sensitive nature of legal data, Mike needs a reliable solution to automate cold storage backups and ensure regulatory compliance.

With ScheduleMyBackup, Mike can automate the process, scheduling regular data backups from the firm's multiple Google Workspace accounts to their cold storage solutions. This not only saves him time but also helps maintain a high standard of data security and compliance with data retention regulations. The automation reduces the chances of human error, ensuring a more reliable and efficient backup process.

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