Simple, Reliable, Secure

With ScheduleMyBackup, managing your Google data backups becomes simple, reliable, and secure. Discover the convenience and peace of mind that our feature-packed software provides. Try ScheduleMyBackup today and step into the future of Google Takeout, Gmail, Workspace automated data backups.

Set, forget, and enjoy peace of mind.

Simplify all of your Google data backups. Protect your business, your memories, and your data.

Protect Your Data

Protect yourself and your business from lockouts, data loss, cyberattacks, and employee mistakes.

Local Installation

Enjoy the security and control of a local installation. With ScheduleMyBackup, you maintain complete ownership and control over your data, right on your personal or business hardware. No need for additional cloud storage or third-party servers.

Calendar Scheduling

ScheduleMyBackup offers a user-friendly calendar interface to set up your regular backups. Plan your backup schedule weeks or even months in advance. Just set it, and let our software handle the rest.

One-Click Background Operation

With ScheduleMyBackup, there's no need to monitor progress or navigate complicated processes. With a single click, your backup starts and runs quietly in the background. Continue your work undisturbed while ScheduleMyBackup secures your data.

Usage-Based Monthly Pricing

ScheduleMyBackup offers affordable, transparent pricing based on your usage. Pay only for what you need with our monthly plans, and enjoy the flexibility to scale up or down as your data needs change.

Alerts and Reminders

With ScheduleMyBackup, you'll never miss a beat. We'll send reminders via the software, email, and even text messages to notify you when it's time to change your physical drives. You can also set alerts for when the backup process starts, stops, or encounters any issues. Stay informed and in control at every step of your data backup process.

Security and Encryption

At ScheduleMyBackup, we take data security seriously. All your data backed up using ScheduleMyBackup is secured with robust encryption. This added layer of protection ensures that your information remains confidential and safe, guarding against unauthorized access and securing your peace of mind.