24 July 2023

Optimize Your Data Backup with Google Takeout- Schedule and Secure Offsite Backups

The Essentials of Google Takeout: Its Importance and Usage for Backup

Have you ever wanted a backup of your data stored in Google’s ecosystem or move it to another platform? If so, Google has an ideal solution for you – Google Takeout. This post will provide you with an understanding of why you should use this tool, how to schedule Google backups, and how to make the most out of it.

Google Takeout is a service that allows users to download their data from various Google products in one go. You can choose which types of data you want to export, and then download them into a .zip or .tgz file. Let’s delve deeper into how to utilize this service effectively.

Using Google Takeout:

  1. Visit the website takeout.google.com. By default, all available data types are selected for archiving. However, if you only want specific items, click on ‘Deselect all’.
  2. Scroll through the options and select the ones you prefer (in our example we’ll use Google Photos).
  3. To choose particular photo albums for inclusion in the archive, select ‘All photo albums included’. Choose ‘Deselect All’, then pick individual albums as per your preference.
  4. Confirm your selections by clicking ‘Next step’ at the bottom.
  5. Here, specify details about your archive such as file type (.zip or .tgz), frequency (once or every two months for 1 year), destination (where to download) and maximum size (from 2GB up to 50GB).
  6. Click on ‘Create export’ and wait while Google prepares your files according to specified parameters.
  7. Once ready, Google emails a link from where you can download your archived files directly onto your device.

Types of Data You Can Archive:

Google Takeout supports over 50 different types of data including Gmail messages, contacts, photos, bookmarks among others. For comprehensive information on supported data types and their respective quantities under your account after signing into your account.

Why Should You Use It?

The ubiquity and accessibility of Google’s storage make it a popular choice for online storage needs across platforms - be they Windows, Mac, Linux iOS or Android devices alike! Here are few scenarios where using Google Takeout could come handy:

Whether it’s about clearing some space in your drive or creating a local backup using backup google takeout - when migration tools aren’t working as expected - using Google Takeout proves invaluable. This single tool provides an easy way not only to back up but also migrate significant amounts of data across different platforms.

For users who require frequent backups there isn’t currently a native feature allowing you to schedule google backups directly from within the app however there are third-party software options available which can help set up scheduled backups.

While there isn’t yet an official standalone google takeout app available for android or iOS devices offline backup is still possible by downloading google takeouts on desktops or laptops first then transferring these offline backups onto mobile devices.

In conclusion remember that whether it’s creating offline backups via google take out making sure important documents don’t get lost due accidental deletion or ensuring personal pictures are saved securely prior phone upgrades backing up important files is always good practice!

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