26 July 2023

Smarter Solutions for Google Takeout Backup- Overcoming Common Challenges and Scheduling Offsite Backups

Google Takeout Backup: Common Challenges and a Smarter Solution

Imagine this scenario. It’s a beautiful morning, and you’re all set to use Google Takeout to backup your data backup google takeout stored on various Google services. You’ve selected your files, and the download process is underway. Hours later, when you’re at 95% completion, a sudden power outage occurs. On restoration of power, you’re met with a ‘Google Takeout Network issue’. Frustrating, isn’t it?

This is just one of many potential issues that can arise with Google Takeout. Other common errors include the notorious 404 error and various other network glitches.

Long-term users of Google often accumulate large volumes of data which they need to backup periodically schedule google backups. However, Google sometimes struggles in creating an archive file due to its size limit restrictions - 2GB for .zip files and 50GB for .tgz files.

Moreover, downloaded .zip files contain numerous small compressed files that have incorrect updates making it difficult sorting them out or locating them when needed. Duplicate file downloads are also a common occurrence.

Accessing downloaded .tgz files requires separate software which could be inconvenient. Additionally, if there’s an interruption like WiFi disconnection or power failure during the download process via your Google Takeout App google takeout app, there’s no resume option available – forcing you to start from scratch again.

Another frustrating aspect is the time restriction on the Download Archive link which disappears after a week from your mailbox. Depending on the file sizes involved, receiving this link can take several hours or even days.

What makes matters worse is that if you attempt multiple downloads (even just five to six times), the download link becomes outdated – forcing you to contact Google Support for assistance.

Downloaded photos are not arranged in chronological order which makes locating specific images more challenging. Emails saved in .mbox format cannot be searched or viewed unless they’re transferred into Mozilla Thunderbird email client - limiting their usability especially when accessed from other devices.

Formatting inconsistencies for documents or articles downloaded via Google Takeout can also add frustration while working late hours finalizing work content.

Shared files pose another challenge as these cannot be added to personal portfolios since they’re owned by someone else resulting in loss of access over time.

Furthermore, instances where lengthy wait times result in missing data from decompressed backup files despite correct execution steps can create additional confusion and stress.

In light of these challenges associated with Google Takeout backups, it’s worth considering smarter alternatives such as Gmail Backup toolgoogle takeout offline backup developed specifically for providing better user experience and complete data security without inconveniences encountered in other backup services.

This tool provides unlimited file size download options without any interruptions during power outages thanks to its Resume button feature – making it an attractive choice compared to other existing options.


While Google Takeout may seem like an easy solution initially for backing up your online data stored across various Google platforms; numerous technical glitches ranging from interrupted downloads due to power outages or Wi-Fi issues to size restrictions on archive creation hint towards its limitations. Consider moving beyond traditional methods by opting for tools like Gmail Backup tool offering enhanced functionalities including unlimited file size download options along with resume features ensuring seamless backups without any setbacks mentioned above thus enhancing overall user experience. For further information about our product offerings please check out our product page here and our pricing details are available here.